SOIC8-SOP8 Test Clip Programming

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SOIC8-SOP8 Test Clip Programming:

Programming Adapter for SOP8
This new IC programming clip is perfectly suited for reading or writing EEPROMS. It allows in-circuit, hands-free testing of SOIC8 or SOP8 chips, thereby offering the convenience of not having to remove the chips from the circuit board. The adapters are suitable for 24, 93, 25, 26, series chip and also supports many different EEPROMs having a width of 150mm to 210 mm. You can now program your SOIC8 or SOP8 chips with ease, just clip the chip and use one of the two breakout adapter boards to connect to your programmer!


Quick Spec:

Contacting Material: Copper Alloy
Contacting Plating: Gold
Connector Type: Test Clip
Mounting Type: PC Board
Case Style: SOIC
Pin Format: SOIC/SOP 8
Lead Spacing: 1.27mm
IC Lead Pitch: 1.27mm
Cable Length: ±300mm